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Canada Two-Dimensional Barcode Association (CTBA) is a neutral, non-profit organization found in 2018 and based in Toronto. CTBA is focus on standardization of Two-Dimensional Codes that are used for industries and commercial units and provides the services to enterprises and individuals on code generation, registration, storage and usage through Canada Two-Dimensional Barcode Technology Inc (CTBT).

Since its founded, CTBA has recrewed professional technician team and management team. Our team members believe that 2D Barcode system is much more advanced than 1D Barcode system. Moreover, with properly regulated and managed, 2D Barcode system will be an efficient, safe, reliable system suitable for almost every industry.

CTBA will play key role to collaborate and communicate with national and international related organizations (like ISO, CEN, GS1, UTC, etc); to coordinate and ensure a secure, safe and unique code system that is applied for identifying objects and events globally. The system will maintain the sustainability and visibility cross different business sections.

Registration and Resolution Service

This platform is open to companies all over the world, providing two-dimensional code registration and resolution service, unified management two-dimensional code identification in a global scale.

Accreditation and certification service

Certification service of two-dimensional code identification, based on the third-party assessment , the judgment result is given and the certificate of conformity is issued by the UTC accreditation office.

Information Service

identification and accreditation certificate ; Provide a global directory of quality service providers.

registration and resolution ID Code

IDcode (Identity code) is a mechanism for unified management of the ID of different objects. It is used to perform two-dimensional code identification on any type of objects (person, thing, item) globally, namely creating the "two-dimensional code ID".​

Enterprise 2D code

A two-dimensional code that introduces the business and its products, including: corporate logo, company profile, main business, product introduction, contact us, one-touch dialing, LBS map navigation, etc.

Product 2D code

A two-dimensional code specially designed to introduce the detailed information of the company's products, including: product image, product price, product graphic introduction, company profile, contact information, etc.

Anti-counterfeiting 2D code

A two-dimensional code for enterprise product anti-counterfeiting verification, including product scrolling image display, product introduction, product security code, anti-counterfeiting verification, origin generation, date of creation, product expiration date, etc.

Two-Dimensional Barcode Registration Centre (TBRC)

▰ A information technology system that allow users to generate, registry, and manage their 2D code.

▰ The system integrated with most different types of 2D codes.

▰ The system is built in Canada, data is stored in Canada.

▰ Conformity of Canadian and international standards.

▰ Easy to use and integrated with all type of business.

▰ Safe and secure.


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